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Why Does David Fincher Love Netflix’s Quality Control So Much?

The director of ‘The Killer’ appears to be thoroughly pleased with the opportunity to create films with the streaming platform.

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The director of ‘The Killer’ appears to be thoroughly pleased with the opportunity to create films with the streaming platform.


Last week, Netflix debuted David Fincher’s latest film, “The Killer,” which quickly ascended to the Top 10 list. The discerning director, known for his meticulous approach, appears to be enjoying his collaboration with the streaming giant.

Netflix, with its history of both acclaim and controversy, initially provided a haven for directors to realize their artistic visions. While the platform evolved to include more mainstream blockbusters in pursuit of Academy Awards, it remained consistent in granting directors creative freedom within budget constraints.

In a recent interview with Le Monde, Fincher, a longtime collaborator with Netflix on projects like “Mank,” “House of Cards,” and “The Killer,” praised the platform’s commitment to industry standards and its unwavering support for filmmakers’ choices. According to Fincher, Netflix’s approach reflects the best “quality control” in the industry.

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Over his decade-long partnership with Netflix, Fincher has witnessed considerable success. He recognizes platforms like Netflix as potential havens where filmmakers in his position receive the financial backing needed to bring their creative visions to life.

Discussing the future of filmmaking, Fincher acknowledges that restricting home distribution systems won’t save cinema culture. He emphasizes the need for cinemas to evolve into cutting-edge spaces, addressing issues such as subpar technical conditions in certain theaters. While Fincher appreciates the communal experience of theaters, he sees Netflix as the optimal delivery system for quality representation at home.

However, the dichotomy persists: Netflix offers an appealing collaborative space, yet the communal experience of theaters remains unmatched. The challenge lies in improving theatrical quality control, which involves training, enhancing theater infrastructure, and managing associated costs that might result in higher ticket prices. The delicate balance between embracing digital platforms and preserving the traditional cinematic experience poses a complex dilemma for the future of filmmaking.

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