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John Waters’ Advice Every Single Filmmaker Needs to Hear

Iconic and eccentric filmmaker John Waters offers guidance to aspiring filmmakers seeking to create exceptional art.

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Iconic and eccentric filmmaker John Waters offers guidance to aspiring filmmakers seeking to create exceptional art.

John Waters

John Waters is a distinctive cinematic figure whose wisdom on crafting films that authentically reflect one’s artistic identity is highly regarded. Known as the “Pope of Trash,” Waters fearlessly challenges conventional norms with a striking blend of audacious and captivating absurdity.

Waters’ films serve as vibrant celebrations of the human experience, deftly combining elements of humor, drama, and satire. Despite facing bans in certain regions of the United States, Waters possesses a unique voice that has inspired multiple generations of filmmakers to boldly create, capture, and share their own unique perspectives of the world. This is precisely why we pay close attention when he imparts advice to fellow filmmakers.

John Waters’ Advice for Filmmakers

During the 2023 Fantastic Fest, Outfest shared a video featuring John Waters offering valuable advice to filmmakers through their official TikTok channel.

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In the video, Waters encourages aspiring filmmakers to actively engage in the cinematic world by watching a wide range of films, including both the good and the bad ones. He suggests observing movies with the sound off to gain a deeper understanding of the filmmaking process. Waters also emphasizes the importance of editing, advising filmmakers to trim their films if they ever question their length. He humorously adds that someone other than their romantic partner and mother should appreciate their work.

This advice is highly valuable and worth following. Waters’ message underscores the significance of filmmakers being active members of the film community. It involves not only watching films but also sharing and supporting each other’s projects. Even if a particular film doesn’t resonate with you, there is always something to glean from aspects like the screenplay, direction, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and more.

One of the most exhilarating aspects of being a creative individual is the perpetual opportunity for discovery. For those passionate about the world of film, this constant exploration is a source of endless excitement.

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