Capcut How to Use

How to Use CapCut – The Complete Guide for Beginners

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CapCut is a unfastened video editor evolved by the identical enterprise that create the TikTok app. After its global launch in April 2020, this clean-to-use video editing app soon take a massive percentage inside the enhancing marketplace. in any case, the huge person base of TikTok contributes to the growth of the CapCut app.

So, a way to use CapCut to create videos easily for sharing or only for amusing? We compiled the whole guide to make suitable edits the usage of CapCut, protecting the entirety from creating a brand new undertaking, making use of primary edits, venturing for advanced features, to exporting the video.

How to Use CapCut App

Step 1. Install CapCut app and open it.

Step 2. Tap the “New Project” icon to create a project.

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Step 3. Tap to select one or multiple video clips and hit Add.

Step 4. Start editing on the timeline.

1. CapCut will store the mission draft robotically. you may pause and resume modifying each time.

2. For computerized short editing, you may also use the ShortCut function to create motion pictures in 1-click on.

Introducing the CapCut Interface

Preview Window: you can playback video, or pinch, drag, rotate and engage with the clips directly in aspect the preview window.
Timeline: you could collect, set up, and follow edits to video, audio, overlay, outcomes, and textual content tracks.
predominant Toolbar: all of the tools you want may be determined right here. the main Toolbar shows up when there’s no clip selected at the timeline.
Sub Toolbar: they’re toolbars devoted for one-of-a-kind tracks and clips at the timeline. for example, there are sub toolbars for movies clips, text, audio, overlays and so on.
you can additionally watch the video educational underneath.

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How to Do Basic Editing in CapCut

How to Trim Videos in CapCut

After including films to the timeline, observe those steps to trim motion pictures in CapCut:

tap the video clip, you shall see white frames round it.
faucet and hold on the white side, and drag it to trim the video.
you may additionally drag the opposite function to retrieve trimmed elements.

when you are trimming motion pictures via dragging the edges, the adjacent clips will pass alongside. on this way, there won’t be gaps (and for this reason black screens) in your assignment.

if you want to trim out a section inside the middle, you need to split the photos, and delete the clip within the middle. read underneath.

How to Split Clips in CapCut

To cut up a video clip in CapCut, comply with these steps:

tap the video clip to ensure it’s miles decided on.
Hit the split icon at the lowest of CapCut.
via splitting the video, you could carry out the subsequent edits:

add transitions in among after creating the split;
get rid of unwanted elements via tapping the cut up clip, and hit the Delete icon at the lowest of the display screen;
Insert new clips in between movies.

The way to Resize videos in CapCut
whilst you are attempting to percentage motion pictures to certain social structures, the original video you created for every other platform won’t in shape. Resizing videos in CapCut can make your video great match the social media, and provide better viewing stories to your fans.

To resize films in CapCut, observe these steps:

  • tap the video clip which you want to trade length.
  • tap the format icon at the lowest of the editor.
  • pick a specific as element ratio.

for example, if you need to exchange horizontal motion pictures to vertical, with a view to better in shape TikTok, you could use the nine:sixteen measurement.

When resizing the video, it is inevitable that some parts may be cropped, or are surrounded by black bars. In such a case, you can use the Canvas feature to polish the video.

  1. After change format, tap the Canvas icon on the toolbar at the bottom screen.
  2. Tap the Color icon to change background color.
  3. Use the Background feature to add pictures as the video background.

How to Mirror Video in CapCut

Reflect a video is a manner to turn the video horizontally, or to create an thrilling impact while two films are prepare facet via aspect, whilst each one is reflected to the alternative at the horizontal axis.

to mirror a video horizontally in CapCut, comply with these steps:

  • After uploading the videos into CapCut.
  • You shall see the toolbar pop up at the bottom, faucet the Edit menu.
  • right here might be some other Edit choice right between the Extract Audio and Filters tool, tap it.
  • Hit the mirror device within the Edit option.

How to Rotate Video in CapCut
In CapCut, you may rotate the video to restoration wrong orientations, or create the fashionable rotation effects that functions video zooming and rotating in animation.

Rotate Video in CapCut to exchange Orientation

  • Create a brand new task, add videos out of your camera roll, and Hit the upload button.
  • Hit the first Edit button to move within the video editing toolbar.
  • faucet the second Edit button, and hit Rotate.


in case you need to rotate a part of the video as opposed to the entire video clip, tap at the pictures and cut up it before using the rotate characteristic.

Rotate Video in CapCut the use of Keyframes to Create motion effects

If you are trying to create video rotating consequences, like the ones trendy motion pictures that rotate films and selfies snap shots, observe the steps under:

  • Import video clips or images to CapCut.
  • tap on the clip, and faucet the Keyframe icon to add a Keyframe. The Keyframe icon sits under the preview window (see screenshots above), subsequent to the Play button.
  • tap at the clip and swipe to the proper to transport to a new role, tap the Keyframe button once more to feature another Keyframe.
  • even as staying on the second one Keyframe, positioned two hands inside the preview window to pinch and rotate the clip.
  • Repeat step three to transport ahead and create the 1/3 Keyframe, and repeat step 4 to pinch and rotate the clip. you can rotate it to 360 diploma, a hundred and eighty degreen or any attitude which you like.
  • Playback and you shall see the clip rotating in motion. you may also make adjustment for that reason until you’re glad with the end result.

a touch rationalization here in case you are curious about how the Keyframe works: for the first Keyframe, it continues the unique kingdom of the clip, without another rotation or zoom-in, then in the second Keyframe, we rotate the clip. therefore, from Keyframe 1 to Keyframe 2, the video begins to animate from the original nation to any other country with distinctive rotation angle and scale, as a consequence resulting in animation.

The way to exchange pace in CapCut
CapCut offers two modes to exchange speed: everyday or Curve.

The normal alternative permits you to speed up or slow down the video at a constant speed, such as 2x, 4x, 8x, and so forth.; the Curve choice opens as much as greater enhancing possibilities, with the speed changing non-linearly to create impactful velocity ramping results.

to apply the constant pace modifier in CapCut, follow those steps:

faucet the video clip on the timeline, and hit the speed icon.
Hit the everyday option to alternate the rate at the constant price.
Drag the slider the slow down video to zero.1x or speed up to 100x.
you may toggle the Pitch choice to determine whether or not to regulate audio pitch while the video velocity is changed.
to apply the velocity curves in CapCut, you could examine the distinctive manual to make velocity effects, which includes car velocity consequences.

To ease the speed whilst growing transitions, 3D zoom consequences, or the use of keyframes, you could use the graphs characteristic in CapCut.

With the rate modifier in CapCut, you can make exciting Slomo video (sluggish movement) to spotlight a key second, consisting of creating the bullet time results.

a way to opposite a Video in CapCut
Reversing a video can create thrilling outcomes, inclusive of damaged glasses restored or torn paper merged into one.

  1. Add video to the project in CapCut.
  2. Tap on the video clip, and swipe the toolbar at the bottom.
  3. Swipe all the way to the right until you see the Reverse icon.
  4. Tap on it to Reverse the Video.

How to Replace a Clip in CapCut

Changing videos or photos in CapCut is a reachable feature. With it, you don’t need to undergo the hassle of trimming and adjusting the duration of the newly add video clip to make it healthy in, or re-Follow effects again. The replaced video clip shares the equal length and effects of the authentic clip.

Fucet at the video clip which you want to replace. if you choose to replace a part of the photos, you could use the cut up tool to break up the photos, and faucet the phase to change.
faucet and swipe the toolbar at the bottom, all the manner to the right until you notice the update icon.
tap update and discover the video clip that you need to add.

How to Add Video Transitions in CapCut

Many contemporary transitions in TikTok are 1-click on templates in CapCut Video Editor. With these templates, you may create cool transitions with out editing experience.

Import two or greater videos into CapCut venture, or cut up a long video into two elements.
click the icon among clips to go into the transition panel.
apply transition templates and playback to locate one you adore.
notice: you may faucet the transition icon again to modify or delete transitions.

Drag the slider to regulate the transition timing.
faucet the forbidden icon to prevent making use of any transition preset.

How to Use Overlays in CapCut

the usage of the overlay feature in CapCut, you may upload videos, pics and textual content on pinnacle of the primary clip, hence growing image in image impact, unique title results, or use it in mixture with green display screen results and greater.

How to Add and Edit Overlays in CapCut

to add overlays to CapCut, observe these steps

  • Import video or image into the venture as the primary clip.
  • click the Overlay icon inside the toolbar. in case you cannot discover the Overlay icon, make certain now not to tap the principle video clip.
  • within the new window, faucet add overlay.
  • Browse the video or picture files and pick one to feature.

To edit overlays in CapCut, comply with these steps:

  • tap at the Overlay song, and you shall see the enhancing gear. you could cut up, trim, exchange quantity, and so on inside the identical manner you edit the main clip.
  • faucet the double arrow icon as soon as you finish editing the Overlay clip. it’s going to take you back to the principle timeline.
  • To revisit the Overlay modifying panel, click the waterdrop-formed thumbnail.

How to Put Two Videos Side by Side in CapCut (or Create Split Screen Effect)

when you add or greater clips on one-of-a-kind tracks within the timeline, and make they aligned at the timeline, those clips will show up within the preview window simultaneously in the identical display screen.

you could crop or use the break up display capabilities to determine the elements to reveal and cover, or trade the shapes of the cut up display screen.

The video tutorial underneath is easy to follow.

To get commenced, upload major video to the timeline, and tap Overlay to add overlay video.

  • faucet the mask icon at the lowest panel.
  • faucet the cut up icon, and circulate the break up line inside the preview window.
  • you can additionally add greater motion pictures aspect with the aid of aspect by repeat steps above.
  • besides the usage of the cut up template, you could also use the Filmstrip template and so forth.

How to Use Green Screen in CapCut

CapCut gives the Chroma Key feature to take away shades including inexperienced screen.

  • Import the principle video to the task, and upload overlays on pinnacle of the video.
  • find the Chroma Key icon within the overlay video’s enhancing toolbar.
  • Use the colour picker to perceive the shade to put off.

How to Edit Text in CapCut

How to Add Text in CapCut

adding text is straightforward and brief in CapCut:

  • Create a brand new challenge and import video, audio, pix while wished.
  • tap the text icon at the bottom toolbar.
  • kind within the text as you like, and adjust its shade, fonts, shadow, and so on.
  • After including text to the timeline, you may drag its facet to make it longer or shorter, relying on how lengthy you decide upon it the stay at the display screen.
  • next to the style tab for textual content, you could additionally practice outcomes, Bubble, and Animation to the text. because they are presets, you don’t want advanced modifying abilties to address the settings.

How to Make Text Transparent in CapCut

After adding text to the video in CapCut, you can modify its transparency to create quality styles. for instance, it is able to be used as a manner to add watermarks to the videos in CapCut.

  • tap textual content icon, kind within the text as you like, and hit the verify button.
  • in the style tab, drag the Opacity slider to trade the transparency of the text and titles.

How to Use Text Tracking in CapCut

The textual content monitoring function in CapCut can mechanically animate the text, in a manner that the text follows an shifting object inside the video certain by using you.

  • Import video into CapCut challenge, and tap the text icon.
  • upload text to the video, and faucet on that text clip.
  • Swipe at the bottom toolbar until you notice tracking.
  • slim down the vicinity to tune the object by means of dragging the arrow, and place the anchor on the critical part of the moving item.
  • tap the green tracking button to start car-tracking.
  • while it’s executed, you shall see the text circulate in conjunction with the chosen item.

be aware: you could ease out and simplicity within the monitoring movement via making use of the graphs characteristic.

How to Create the Text Behind Person Effect

while combining textual content editing with different functions in CapCut, you could create contemporary text effects as other creators. placing the textual content behind a person is such an example.

  • add textual content to the video as you typically do, and export that video clip.
  • Create a brand new project, and import that video as the main video music.
  • tap overlay to import the raw video (one with out textual content) because the overlay tune.
  • Use the flow heritage feature to eliminate the background, and it’s achieved.
  • For specified guide, you can watch the video academic by using Luka, proven under.

How to Edit Audio in CapCut

How to Add Audio in CapCut

you could upload background song, sound effects and other audio to the video by way of the usage of the inventory audio library in CapCut. these inventory media documents are royalty loose, meaning you may add the video to YouTube and different social platforms with out copyright infringement.

besides the usage of stock song, you can additionally use CapCut to extract music from your favorite videos. With this technique, you may not be capable of proportion the video to the public, but best for private sharing.

  • upload the pictures to a brand new venture, and tap the Audio icon on the toolbar.
  • Hit Sounds to open up the stock library, and choose your favourite tune to feature.
  • you may faucet at the delivered audio clip to trim, break up or exchange its speed.

How to Change Audio Volume in CapCut

To make video louder or mute it, you can use the volume option in audio modifying.

  • For background song and surroundings sound inside the video, you could faucet at the video song, and hit the quantity icon to exchange the loudness.
  • you may also faucet on the video, hit Extract to split that audio onto the devoted audiotrack. Then you can faucet the audio clip and use the volume device on it.

How to Use Auto Caption in CapCut

if you love the speech to textual content characteristic in TikTok, possibilities are you’ll also be needing the speech to text characteristic. using CapCut, you could flip video sound to captions mechanically, accordingly saving time as you won’t want to manually add captions.

  • Create a brand new task and upload the video.
  • Hit the textual content icon from the toolbar. Do not faucet on the video, otherwise, you may be directed to the video modifying toolbar, in which you may not see the text icon.
  • Hit automobile Captions. It sits in between the text template and Stickers functions.
  • select to create automobile captions from the unique sound within the video, voiceover, or each.
  • wait for the app to complete analyzing and adding the text as captions.
  • you may playback and take a look at if the caption is correct. in case you favor to make changes, tap the Batch Edit icon to callout the keyboard, and accurate the phrase when needed.

For audio consequences, you can use the loose AFX from Sonnis. See video educational beneath.

How to Apply Advanced Editing in CapCut

How to Add Effects in CapCut

CapCut has many prepared-to-use consequences to decorate your video easily. It consists of each video results to add captivating FX and body effects to polish your skin, figure, and so on.

  • ap on a video clip and hit the superstar-shaped consequences icon.
  • faucet Video effects or body outcomes.
  • Use the presets to polish the video clip. The consequences might be shown as a pink clip under the principle video.
  • observe: when you move returned to the principle timeline, you might not see the purple clip, there’s instead a coloured line about the video clip, indicating that segment has outcomes applied. you can continually revisit and edit or get rid of the outcomes by using tapping the famous person-shape effects icon once more.

How to Make a Picture Move in CapCut

To make a photograph flow in CapCut, you want to use the Keyframe capabilities.

you could keyframe the placement, scale, rotation angle, crop percent and lots of different parameters in CapCut, in order that the clip will transform from status 1 in Keyframe 1 to fame 2 in Keyframe 2, as a result developing the desired motion.

  • After including the picture as overlays on top of the video, faucet at the photograph clip.
  • Swipe the clip to location the playhead on the factor where you want the picture to begin circulate.
  • Hit the Keyframe icon beneath the preview window to feature the first Keyframe.
  • move the picture to every other position inside the preview window, and hit the Keyframe icon again to feature the second keyframe.
  • Playback the video, you shall see the photo circulate from function 1 to put 2.

once you get the hold of CapCut modifying, you could also up your recreation and discover ways to add three-D Zoom in results in CapCut. For quick enhancing and maintain up with the fashion, you could additionally use CapCut templates to have amusing.

Will I Lose Everything If I Delete CapCut?

yes, your initiatives and drafts might be deleted together with the app. if you are on iOS, you could choose to “offload” the app, so that you can delete the utility itself, even as keeping the files and statistics inner it. however, it is not assured that everything will be intact.

How to Export the Video from CapCut

After end editing the video, you may click on the Export button in the top proper nook.

CapCut guide exporting video up to 4K, here are the export settings to tweak with:

  • resolution: 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K/4K
  • frame fee: 24, 25, 30, 50, 60
  • smart HDR: option to turn video into “clever” HDR video

Bonus Tip: Free CapCut Alternative for Desktop and Laptop

enhancing video on-the-cross using cellular phones or iPad is bendy, nevertheless, in some cases, we select editing on a bigger display screen. if you love the simple interface of CapCut, you’ll love VideoProc Vlogger which runs on home windows and Mac for novice editors, content material creators, vloggers, and GoPro/DJI proprietors.

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