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WGA and AMPTP Reach a Tentative Deal

Members will soon cast their votes on the offer.

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Members will soon cast their votes on the offer.


After a 146-day strike, the WGA and AMPTP have reached a preliminary agreement. Writers will soon vote on this proposed deal, and we’ll keep you updated once the specifics are disclosed. If the agreement is ratified, it will signify the end of the WGA strike, allowing members to return to work. The statement further noted, “Following the anticipated leadership votes, tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, contingent on finalizing the language, we will present a comprehensive overview of the agreement’s key points and the Memorandum of Agreement. Additionally, we will hold meetings to provide members with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of and evaluate the deal before casting their ratification votes.”

It’s important to emphasize that no one will resume work until the guild officially announces it, marking a significant turning point.

The writers initiated their strike on May 2 and have been picketing for 145 days. The AMPTP did not actively pursue a resolution to this labor dispute until more than 100 days into the strike. Negotiations have been sporadic since August, with the WGA resuming talks this week.

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SAG-AFTRA is currently engaged in a strike with the AMPTP as well, but it can be assumed they will return to negotiations next week to navigate their own challenges in this complex situation.

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