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Discover the Details Behind the WGA Deal Which Includes AI Protections, TV Room Size Mandates, and Much More

This represents an exceptional opportunity with significant historical profits.

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This represents an exceptional opportunity with significant historical profits.


The WGA and AMPTP have unveiled the specifics of their groundbreaking agreement. It required a 146-day strike to reach this resolution, but the agreement includes significant advancements for Hollywood writers.

It encompasses safeguards against artificial intelligence, avenues for increasing employment opportunities in writers’ rooms, and an assured progression for feature writers, among various other provisions. We’ve dissected some of the crucial aspects for your understanding.

What Happens with AI? 

The WGA has delineated specific guidelines for the utilization of AI in the context of writing within the Hollywood industry.

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They have stipulated that:

  1. AI is not permitted to create or revise literary content, and any material generated by AI will not be recognized as source material under the MBA. This means that AI-generated content cannot be used to undermine a writer’s credit or their rights.
  2. A writer may opt to employ AI in their writing services, subject to the company’s consent and compliance with relevant company policies. However, the company cannot mandate the use of AI software (e.g., ChatGPT) for the writer’s writing services.
  3. The company is obligated to inform the writer if any materials provided to them have been generated by AI or include AI-generated content.
  4. The WGA retains the authority to assert that the exploitation of writers’ material for the training of AI is prohibited by the MBA or other applicable laws.

What About Room Size?

Room capacity had been a long-discussed issue, and the WGA has made significant advancements in this regard.

The room size varies based on the number of episodes and is as follows:

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Anything for Feature Writers? 

Being primarily a feature writer myself, I was delighted to witness substantial benefits for our category.

For feature writers, the following provisions have been secured:

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  1. Guaranteed 2nd Step: Whenever a writer is engaged for an initial draft screenplay, whether it’s an original or non-original work, and the compensation is at 200 percent of the minimum or lower, a second step becomes mandatory. This requirement also extends to spec purchases.
  2. Accelerated Payment Structure for Flat Deals: Screenwriters hired on a flat deal basis, with compensation at 200 percent of the minimum or lower, are entitled to receive 50 percent of their fee at the commencement of the project. If the writer hasn’t delivered within 9 weeks from the start, 25 percent of the fee becomes payable upon invoicing, with the final 25 percent due upon delivery of the step.
  3. Streaming Features: In cases where a feature-length project is created for streaming platforms with a budget exceeding $30 million, the minimum initial compensation for both story and teleplay is set at $100,000 (reflecting an 18 percent increase from the previous rate). Additionally, there is a 26 percent boost in the residual base. When combined with the foreign residual enhancements detailed below, this results in a three-year residual amounting to $216,000 for projects on major streaming services, marking a 49 percent increase from the $144,993 specified in the 2020 MBA.

There is a wealth of additional information available from the WGA regarding the specifics of the new contract.

I encourage you to review it for more details.

The agreement is effective from September 25, 2023, through May 1, 2026, and you can find the WGA’s summary of the deal below.

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