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You Can Now Control the ALEXA Mini LF With ARRI’s Camera Control Monitor CCM-1

“In addition to various control and interface improvements, SUP 7.3 for the ALEXA Mini LF will introduce several other enhancements.”

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“In addition to various control and interface improvements, SUP 7.3 for the ALEXA Mini LF will introduce several other enhancements.”


Exciting news awaits ARRI ALEXA filmmakers with the release of SUP 7.3 for the ALEXA Mini LF. This update brings the ALEXA Mini LF in line with the ALEXA 35, now offering support for ARRI’s Camera Control Monitor CCM-1. This development is significant for those looking to fully harness the touchscreen functionalities and customizable controls during on-set operations.

Alongside this major compatibility enhancement, there are other noteworthy control and interface improvements that promise to boost the productivity and efficiency of ALEXA Mini LF users.

Let’s delve into the new features and changes introduced in the latest ALEXA Mini LF SUP 7.3 update:

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As previously mentioned, this software release primarily focuses on enhancing control and interface functionalities. It enables the use of the MVF-2 flip-out monitor’s touchscreen capabilities and adds support for the Camera Control Monitor CCM-1, among various other enhancements.

Specifically, the Camera Control Monitor CCM-1 is a standout addition. It grants full camera control, access to menus, and combines ARRI’s renowned color accuracy with a vivid display and customizable controls, all within a robust design that includes well-conceived accessories. This alternative to the MVF-2 provides comprehensive menu control, personalized user buttons, a customizable home screen, and a live image display on a high-brightness 7″ screen.

In addition to the Camera Control Monitor CCM-1 compatibility, SUP 7.3 brings several other improvements, including support for WPA-3 client mode, an extended erase media warning, and support for LAN static gateway settings. Furthermore, the update includes various stability enhancements and refined features, as detailed below:

• Compatibility with Camera Control Monitor CCM-1 • Touchscreen functionality on the Multi Viewfinder MVF-2 • Extended warnings in the Erase Media menu • Enhanced GUI for Audio Gain

This update heralds a new era for ALEXA Mini LF users, empowering them with expanded control options, improved interfaces, and the versatility to make their productions more efficient and streamlined.

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Updating Process: To begin using the CCM-1 with the ALEXA Mini LF running the latest SUP 7.3, it is essential to ensure that your CCM-1 is running the most recent software version, SUP 5.5.1. ARRI advises upgrading from ALEXA Mini LF SUP 7.2 to SUP 7.3 for optimal compatibility.

However, exercise caution and avoid initiating an update during an ongoing production, as it may consume a considerable amount of time or potentially lead to operational issues. For additional information on the latest firmware updates for your ARRI cameras, you can visit the dedicated resource.

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