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Complete Course To Create & Design NFT (Non Fungible Token) Using Photoshop

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 Complete Course To Create & Design NFT (Non Fungible Token) Using Photoshop

Do you want to make money out of the NFT(Non-Fungible Token)  marketplace? This is the right Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) course for you!

Welcome to the Complete NFT course! The only course you need to learn is how to Create NFT and Sell NFTs on the marketplace.

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Even if you have zero experience with the NFT marketplace, this NFT course will take you from beginner to mastery

Here’s why:

  • The course is taught by the lead instructor from Cybarg Academy, who has over 10 years of experience in the Crypto market and Software programming.
  • You will learn how to get started from scratch on the NFT market up until you upload your first  NFT collection.
  • Yes, you will see how to design NFT Using Photoshop, and create and upload NFTs on Opensea (digital NFT art).
  • The curriculum follows a logical sequence, so it will be easy for you to follow along with the whole NFT crypto course.
  • You will save tons of time searching the internet for the best practices of how to participate in the NFT market.
  • You will know how to create NFT and sell it on Opensea for profit.This NFT Course will give you a clear understanding of this phenomenal new niche!Hello everyone, my name is Mohammad Faizan, a professional creator, and in this NFT Crypto course, I will share all of my experience with NFT Art with you.With all of its PROs and CONs, you can get a realistic expectation of it. And don’t get me wrong. The NFT digital art is what we can use to make a lot of money, but first, you need to know how it works and what you need to be careful of.I will give you a realistic idea about the exciting new Crypto NFT world in this course, and I will be honest!What you will learn in the Basic NFT part of the Course:
  • What precisely the NFTs are how they work
  • How digital art is created using Photoshop.
  • Learn about digital wallet Metamsk.
  • Learn about creating skull structures.
  • Learn about creating skull copies.
  • How to use different options of photoshop.
  • How to use visual studio code for generating NFT
  • Which are the most popular and trustworthy NFT platforms with all of their PROs and CONs
  • How to check the Ethereum Gas Fee at any moment.
  • Creating NFT Collection On Opensea
  • Creating NFT without Gas Fees and selling them on the Polygon blockchain


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