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Unlock Directional Movement With the Cinebot Mini Robot Camera Track Features

The Cinebot Mini Robot Camera is introducing a comprehensive set of new tracking capabilities, enhancing your motion-controlled setups with an expanded range of movement possibilities.

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The Cinebot Mini Robot Camera is introducing a comprehensive set of new tracking capabilities, enhancing your motion-controlled setups with an expanded range of movement possibilities.

Robot Camera

In one of the earliest instances of “automation impacting employment,” a development that has oddly faded from current discussions, robotic camera arms have been simplifying video production tasks for several decades. These systems continue to evolve, becoming more affordable, intelligent, and adaptable.

Recently, Mark Roberts Motion Control introduced a more compact and versatile robotic arm known as the Cinebot Mini. This innovation has opened up the world of robotic motion camera control to a new generation of smaller-scale productions and do-it-yourself filmmakers.

Taking things a step further, Mark Roberts has now unveiled additional enhancements and features that can be combined with their Cinebot Mini. These additions provide even greater control over directional movements, including track features, a pedestal, and extended battery capacity, elevating the capabilities of this technology.

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The Cinebot Mini Robot Camera

Crafted as a compact and lightweight live-action camera robot, the Cinebot Mini offers the ability to attain full manual control over camera positions, making it a scaled-down version of the larger camera robots commonly seen on major commercial and feature film sets.

What sets the Cinebot Mini apart is its versatility as a smart robo-camera. It allows you to shoot handheld and subsequently recreate instant replays of your shots using tracking data. Additionally, you can utilize keyframes to pre-plan smoother and more precise shots.

Nonetheless, when operating the Cinebot Mini on the ground in your studio, it remains constrained to fixed positions. This limitation is where the new track features come into play, promising to be a significant game changer by providing even greater directional con

Additional Motion Control Movement

The Cinebot Mini is now offered with track or pedestal options, incorporating additional camera robot movement controls. These controls are designed to seamlessly blend motion control with the familiar and everyday control methods used on sets, all while making use of your regular grip equipment.

With the introduction of these enhancements, you’ll have the capability to execute a wide range of shots, from standard dolly movements to more intricate multi-directional maneuvers. This setup is particularly advantageous for those seeking to eliminate the guesswork from their camera operations, as the precise controls of the Cinebot Mini can save time and effort on sets. This is especially true when considering the supplementary controls and extended battery pack features, which ensure prolonged performance of the camera arm.

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cinebot mini

Price and Availability

Regrettably, Mark Roberts Motion Control does not provide a specific price for renting or purchasing the Cinebot Mini or its various configurations on their website. Nevertheless, if you are keen on acquiring more information or obtaining pricing details, you can express your interest in the Cinebot Mini by filling out the form available on their website.

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