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Grit, Hustle, and Self-Distribution: Learnings From Team Behind ‘Anchorage’

The Anchorage team makes an appearance on the NFS podcast to discuss the strategies for promoting an independent film.

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The Anchorage team makes an appearance on the NFS podcast to discuss the strategies for promoting an independent film.


Anchorage, a true indie film, was remarkably produced in just five days on a shoestring budget of $54,000. Originally conceived as a short film, it has since garnered an impressive 11 awards and 10 nominations from 17 different film festivals. The film’s team has taken an independent approach to promote it through a theatrical tour across the United States and the United Kingdom.

In today’s episode, GG Hawkins from No Film School engages in a conversation with Scott Monahan, Dakota Loesch, Erin Naifeh, and Spencer Showalter, covering a range of topics including:

  1. Transforming a short film concept into a feature-length project with the same limited budget.
  2. The unconventional financing methods, such as selling family heirlooms, employed to bring the film to life.
  3. The challenges and experiences of shooting in the rugged high desert over a tight five-day schedule.
  4. The creative freedom given to actors to improvise and explore their characters.
  5. The unique approach of assembling a crew based on personality rather than talent or budget.
  6. The importance of understanding the assembly cut process before involving an editor.
  7. The art of editing and making choices that serve the narrative’s emotional resonance.
  8. The thrill of sharing the film’s journey, including screenings at venues like the Music Box Theater, alongside other notable films like Oppenheimer and Asteroid City.
  9. Discovering the three most impactful words a director can utter during the filmmaking process.

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