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Philip Bloom Launches His Own Line of Diffusion Filters with Formatt Hitech

Explore how you can imbue your video with a genuine, organic warmth using the recently introduced Bloom Gold diffusion filters, a product of the partnership between cinematographer Philip Bloom and the creators.

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Explore how you can imbue your video with a genuine, organic warmth using the recently introduced Bloom Gold diffusion filters, a product of the partnership between cinematographer Philip Bloom and the creators.

Philip Bloom

After more than a year in development, the renowned cinematographer and YouTuber, Philip Bloom, has unveiled his exciting partnership with the British filter manufacturer, Formatt Hitech. Together, they are introducing the “Bloom Gold” diffusion filters, designed to remove harshness and enhance the natural and organic quality of your images. These innovative filters offer a subtle warming effect that complements various lighting conditions. Join us as we delve into this collaboration and assess whether the Bloom Gold diffusion filters could be a valuable addition to your cinematography toolkit.

A New Partnership Emerges

Recognized for their renowned Firecrest Cine and Firecrest Ultra filter ranges, Formatt Hitech stands as a highly esteemed filter manufacturer, making it an excellent choice for Philip Bloom to collaborate with in creating his signature filter line.

As evident from Bloom’s introductory video, this project holds significant personal resonance for him, allowing him to meticulously tailor the diffusion filters to meet his precise preferences.

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Philip Bloom, a respected figure in the film and cinematography realm, is selective when it comes to endorsing products under his name. His influential YouTube channel has served as a valuable resource for the filmmaking community over the years, offering insightful camera reviews and in-depth exploration of the art of cinematography.

Beyond his collaboration with Formatt Hitech, Bloom has previously partnered with Kessler Crane to develop his own signature series, the Pocket Dolly Slider, which was well-received and remained consistent with his identity as a cinematographer, aligning seamlessly with the company’s product lineup.

Philip Bloom’s Diffusion Filters

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Looking specifically at these new diffusion filters, it becomes evident that this collaboration is an ideal match between brands. Bloom has garnered widespread recognition for his distinct style of soft and meticulously focused cinematography, a quality that consistently shines through in all his videos and reviews.

The Formatt Hitech Bloom Gold diffusion filters are circular screw-on filters set to be released as a set of five, ranging in size from 49mm to 82mm. This line will encompass various filter strengths, including 1/8th, 1/4th, and 1/2, with a primary emphasis on delivering warmth while maintaining an affordable price point and a user-friendly design, distinct from traditional matte box-style filters.

As per Formatt Hitech, these filters are slated to be crafted from Schott B270i optical glass and will undergo hand-finishing in the UK. Additionally, customers will have the option to choose between black and gold for the color of the filter ring.

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Price and Availability

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The Bloom Gold diffusion filters are currently accessible for purchase on Formatt Hitech’s website. Below are the links and pricing details for various filter sizes:

  • 49mm: $87.50
  • 67mm: $110.00
  • 72mm: $120.00
  • 77mm: $130.00
  • 82mm: $140.00

If you have an interest in experimenting with these diffusion filters for your own projects and would like to support Philip Bloom, a highly regarded member of the cinematography and videography community, make sure to explore these options.

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