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WandaVision Background Actors Reportedly Scanned for AI Replicas Without Their Permission

Interviews conducted with extras shed light on their feelings regarding the scanning of their likenesses for AI digital replicas without obtaining their consent.

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Interviews conducted with extras shed light on their feelings regarding the scanning of their likenesses for AI digital replicas without obtaining their consent.


According to NPR reports, numerous background actors who participated in the recent season of Disney’s WandaVision have come forward with accounts of having their bodies and faces scanned for the purpose of creating AI digital replicas, all without obtaining their prior consent or permission.

This issue lies at the very core of the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, as the potential utilization of artificial intelligence to replace actors and performers, including both background actors and lead roles, poses a significant threat and concern to the entertainment industry.

The strike commenced during the summer, and it is not surprising to discover that studios have been experimenting with digital scans and AI technology for several months, and perhaps even years. The interviews with background actors who shared their experiences of having their likenesses scanned, as recently as on the set of WandaVision season 2, shed light on the seriousness of the matter.

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AI Replicas on WandaVision

During the NPR interviews, Alexandria Rubalcaba, a background actor who worked on the Disney+ series during the pandemic, recounted her experience of being instructed to report to a trailer where she was subjected to scanning by a series of cameras on metal rings behind glass.

She vividly remembers the instructions given during the scanning process: “Have your hands out. Have your hands in. Look this way. Look that way. Let us see your scared face. Let us see your surprised face.” Rubalcaba further disclosed that numerous other actors were also brought in for similar recording sessions.

What troubled Rubalcaba and her fellow actors was the fact that they were not informed about how or if these scans would be used or ever appear on screen. As a result, there is no way for them to ascertain whether their digital replicas are being utilized, let alone receiving any compensation for such usage. The lack of transparency and consent regarding the scanning process has raised significant concerns for these actors.

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Background Actors and AI

Like many other background actors in the industry, Rubalcaba reveals that she was paid the SAG-AFTRA union rate of $187 for her work on that particular day. Despite receiving payment, she confirms to NPR that she never provided her consent for any digital replicas of herself to be used in any scenes.

NPR conducted interviews with several other background actors who shared similar stories and concerns, all of which span from a few years ago leading up to the SAG-AFTRA strike that commenced earlier this summer.

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While the use of scans and digital replicas has been prevalent in filmmaking for crowd scenes, the real concern lies in the increasing prominence of AI technology, which poses the most significant existential threat to the entertainment industry. The rise of AI opens up possibilities for replacing actors and performers, including background actors, and raises ethical questions regarding consent and usage rights.

The Future of the Industry

The convergence of AI technologies and the entertainment industry remains uncertain, and the extent of allowances or limitations will only become clear over time. However, for background actors and performers involved in various projects, their concerns are undeniably genuine, yet still shrouded in ambiguity.

The question arises whether union officials will be able to negotiate specific pay rates for granting permission to use digital replicas. What would fair compensation even entail in such cases? Moreover, there is an apprehension that background acting, as an art form, could potentially be endangered.

As these issues continue to surface with increasing frequency, it becomes imperative to address and resolve them sooner rather than later. The future of the industry hangs in the balance, and addressing these concerns is vital to safeguarding the interests of actors and the integrity of the art form. Only time will reveal the path forward, but it is essential to take meaningful actions to protect the future of the entertainment sector.

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