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Red Giant Universe v1.3.0 for AE, Pr & OFX (Win64)

Red Giant Universe is a free community that gives you access to fast and powerful free tools for editing, visual effects and motion design. Every tool in Universe’s library of effects and transitions is GPU enabled (making them super fast) and works across multiple host applications on both Mac and Windows. The universe library of tools is continuously growing – new effects and transitions are added regularly, and existing tools are updated just as frequently.

Today we are releasing Red Giant Universe 1.3 — a new update that includes 13 new tools, and support for Blackmagic Davinci Resolve.

As an existing Universe member, the new tools and updates may be downloaded directly by launching Red Giant Link on your desktop.

What’s New, At a Glance:

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NEW HOST APP: DaVinci Resolve
– All 81 of Universe’s effects and transitions now work in DaVinci Resolve 11.1 or later.

– CrumplePop Photo 2
– CrumplePop Noir Moderne Light
– PixelGlow EZ (Voted on, in Universe Labs)
– 3D Venetian Transition
– Fill Alpha
– Sobel Edges

– Chromatic Aberration
– CrumplePop Fisheye Fixer
– CrumplePop ShrinkRay
– CrumplePop Finisher
– CrumplePop Overlight
– CrumplePop Grain 16

– ToonIt Update – new Presets and tools added to the ToonIt tools

P.S. don’t use Red Giant Link for manage Universe!

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System Requirements:

  • Windows 7, 64-bit
  • Windows 8, 64-bit
  • After Effects CS5.5, CS 6, CC
  • Premiere Pro CS6, CC
  • Sony Vegas Pro (64bit)

Video card requirements: …on Windows OS a minimum of an Intel HD 5000 integrated graphics chip is needed. Of course, newer and faster discrete GPU parts from AMD will yield faster performance. For Nvidia, we recommend 5xx, 6xx, or 7xx series graphics cards; mobile GPUs; or the professional series Quadro cards. For AMD, we recommend 6000, 7000, or 200 series graphics cards; mobile GPUs; or the professional series FireGL cards. Any CPU from Intel or AMD is supported. For HD resolution output, we recommend that your GPU have at least 1 GB of memory. If you are planning on doing high-resolution project in 4K or more, we recommend a GPU with at least 2 GB of memory

VRAM size requirements: A minimum of 256MB is required and for better performance we recommend 512MB. It is not recommended to use video cards with less than 256MB as you may encounter render issues or a loss of performance.

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