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Quick & Dirty Photocopy Effects in Photoshop

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 Quick & Dirty Photocopy Effects in Photoshop

Add a retro lo-fi print aesthetics to your work by imitating a photocopy look with our special technique for distressing all sorts of graphics & creating unique gritty textures in Adobe Photoshop.

This technique is based on a Photoshop Smart Filters combination which we have developed to be able to easily distress any type of graphics without any additional materials. This class is not about using the pre-existing Photocopy filter in Photoshop! Instead you’ll be learning how to use a few different non-destructive filters to create a range of looks and textures, which can be adjusted and customised to suit any purpose!

This technique is designed for graphic designershand-letterersillustrators & photographers and it is super handy when designing posters, t-shirt prints, working on editorial projects and creating zines, or when you just want your work to look a little less digital!

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Using this technique you will be able to easily and quickly distress:

— typographic & lettering compositions;
— logotypes;
— graphics;
— drawings;
— illustrations;
— photographs;
— and create a number of unique gritty textures.


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