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Is Warner Bros. Selling to This Rival Studio?

Rumors of Warner Bros. potentially being acquired by another studio, including Universal, have rapidly circulated throughout Hollywood.

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Rumors of Warner Bros. potentially being acquired by another studio, including Universal, have rapidly circulated throughout Hollywood.

Warner Bros

Two years have passed since Warner Bros. Discovery made waves in the entertainment industry by putting Batgirl and the Scoob! sequel on hold after they had completed filming. This decision marked the beginning of a string of project removals and cancellations, significant layoffs, and the discontinuation of the previous underperforming DC franchise, often referred to as the Synderverse. Instead, the company shifted its focus to James Gunn’s and Peter Safran’s new DC Studios under the leadership of CEO David Zaslav, who aimed to address Warner Bros.’s substantial debt. However, it remains uncertain whether Zaslav’s efforts have ultimately justified the upheaval.

Is Warner Bros. Selling?

Variety’s report suggests that there is a belief among Warner Bros. employees that the company may be acquired by a competing studio, despite its impressive box office success in 2023, with hits like Greta Gerwig’s Barbie. This iconic 100-year-old studio, one of the Big Five major studios alongside Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, and Sony Pictures, has maintained its position as a film industry powerhouse since its establishment in 1923.

In the early days of Hollywood, there were five major players in the studio system: Paramount, RKO Pictures, MGM, Fox, and Warner Bros. Today, Warner Bros. and Paramount are the only two from the original Big Five that still hold onto their prestigious status.

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Regrettably, Warner Bros. faces the potential risk of being acquired within the next two years if DC Studios, led by James Gunn and Peter Safran, does not thrive. Universal is currently seen as the most likely candidate to take over the studio, although nothing has been confirmed.

Hollywood has a history of significant transformations. Notably, 20th Century Fox, once part of the original Big Five, lost its status when it was purchased by Walt Disney Studios in 2019. Warner Bros. could follow a similar trajectory if it fails to resolve its challenges.

What the Future of Warner Bros. Could Look Like?

If Universal were to acquire Warner Bros., it would raise questions about the future of Warner Bros.’ films and TV shows. Presently, Warner Bros. holds the rights to DC Comics properties and owns HBO. This means that well-known productions like “The Last of Us” and “House of the Dragon” would fall under Universal’s control. The fate of Warner Bros. and the entertainment industry as a whole remains uncertain as we await further updates regarding a possible sale.

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