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Pre-Production for Portrait Photography: Finding Inspiration Before a Portrait Shoot.

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Updated and Published:September 21, 2022
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As a photographer, I am always interested in connecting on a deeper level with the people I photograph. This is partly to limit the duration of awkward exchanges, but most of the time it allows us to take pictures that we believe reflect our true feelings. Unfortunately, as most of us know, we can’t always afford to spend a lot of time with one of our employees even before and during production.

This means that when we meet for a portrait session, as the photographer and biggest stakeholder, we need to work overtime and initiate a healthy exchange encouraging other employees to calm down. To do. But what should you do, especially if it’s your first date? I think the answer to this question is in the pre-production stage.

This course examines some of the processes involved in the pre-production phase and how they can be effectively used for successful production.

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Tools: Survey of prototyping tools and equipment.
Concepts: Brainstorming and concept development.
TECHNIQUES: Research on pre-production techniques.
PRE-PRODUCTION: Bring your ideas to life through storyboards, mood boards, and more.

Open to all photographers of all levels, this course is perfect for beginners who love to take pictures, whether they have top-notch equipment or not. We hope this course helps you develop a pre-production process that works for you and prepares you to get the most out of the production phase.

Pre-Production for Portrait Photography - THE GFX


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