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Unity Releases New Wētā Tools for Digital Character Creation and 3D Content

Unity’s acquisition of Wētā Digital heralds the introduction of groundbreaking technology that could potentially lead to AI integration in the future, reshaping the industry.

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Unity’s acquisition of Wētā Digital heralds the introduction of groundbreaking technology that could potentially lead to AI integration in the future, reshaping the industry.


In a significant disruption to the high-end digital character creation landscape in the film industry, Unity has made a groundbreaking announcement: the establishment of its Wētā Tools division. This division aims to empower artists by providing a diverse range of solutions and features for collaborative creation of both 2D and 3D content.

Delving into the background of this development, Unity’s move marks a pivotal moment in the industry. The introduction of Wētā Tools promises to revolutionize the way digital character creators, 3D content developers, and even motion VFX artists work together and bring their visions to life.

Let’s explore what Unity has in store for this new Wētā Tools offering and how it could capture the interest of artists and creators alike.

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Unity and Weta Digital

Following Unity’s acquisition of Weta Digital in 2021, the digital design and character creation landscape was poised for transformation, sparking a mix of anticipation and skepticism among industry professionals. While the union of a major video game and software company with a renowned film and show brand raised questions, the two-year journey has shown promising results.

With Weta Digital’s influential contributions to blockbuster projects like Avatar, Black Widow, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and Planet of the Apes, Unity has evolved into a leading platform for interactive, real-time 3D content creation and operation.

Unity’s recent press notes indicate a strong focus on providing valuable support and expertise to aspiring character and creature designers in both film and video games. The introduction of “Unity Wētā Tools for character artists” aims to streamline workflows by automating mundane tasks and expediting iteration cycles, empowering creators with newfound capabilities.

New Tools for Character Designers and 3D Artists

From the information available on Unity’s website regarding Weta Tools, it appears to offer an extensive range of tools and features that are likely to appeal to a diverse group of content creators and VFX artists. Currently, these tools are being launched in a beta version. Among the highlights of this release, Unity introduces Ziva, a realistic character design tool, Wig, a sophisticated hair and fur engine, and a deep compositing toolset designed to enhance CG renders. Additionally, the inclusion of SyncSketch, a real-time feedback platform, further enriches the creative experience.

Unity’s overarching objective with the Weta Tools release is to streamline content creation and leverage the creative prowess of Weta Digital to benefit creators across various project types and requirements. By providing access to these powerful tools and technologies, Unity aims to empower artists and make their creative endeavors more efficient and impactful.

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The Looming Future of AI

Nevertheless, as with any technological release in the film and video industry today, it is essential to examine the details to understand the potential integration of artificial intelligence (AI). Interviews related to the new Weta Tools release indicate that AI will play a role in the platform.

However, the primary focus of AI in Weta Tools appears to be initially centered around supporting creators in their design and development tasks, rather than fully automating or replacing them. Like many AI tools in video editing, this approach is likely intended to enhance efficiency by expediting procedural tasks.

As the situation evolves, we will keep a close eye on developments and provide further updates and insights on how video editors can harness the capabilities of these new Weta Tools in the future.

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