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The Sony ECM-W3 Finally Embraces Audio for Content Creators

Building upon the achievements of DJI, Hollyland, and SmallRig, Sony adopts an innovative audio form factor.

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Building upon the achievements of DJI, Hollyland, and SmallRig, Sony adopts an innovative audio form factor.


The past year has witnessed an intriguing evolution in the audio industry. Companies known for their expertise in manufacturing drones, wireless video transmitters, and camera cages have ventured into the realm of audio products. Interestingly, these new releases have featured unconventional form factors compared to what creators typically encounter.

Enter the Sony ECM-W3, a wireless audio system that adheres to this distinct form factor trend. It caters to content creators and boasts a design language that invites display rather than concealment behind a lapel. Here’s a comprehensive overview of what you need to know about it.

Show Off Your Sony

As previously mentioned, DJI, Hollyland, and SmallRig have introduced wireless audio transmitters and receivers that share a common form factor – comprising one receiver, two microphone transmitters, and a stylish charging case, all designed to be visually appealing on camera.

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Sony’s contribution to this emerging audio trend is the ECM-W3. Tailored for content creators, especially those engaged in vlogging and interviews, this innovative system offers top-notch audio quality without the inconvenience of traditional lavaliere setups with cords and cables.

To enhance audio clarity, the ECM-W3 employs a noise-cut filter leveraging digital signal processing to reduce unwanted background noise, while a low-cut filter effectively eliminates undesirable low-frequency disturbances such as ambient sounds from sources like air conditioning units, wind, or consistent bass sounds.

What sets the ECM-W3 apart from its competitors is its capacity to harness Sony’s Multi-Interface hot shoe, a feature present on its newer camera models. This enables compatible Sony cameras to not only provide power directly to the ECM-W3 but also simultaneously record audio directly to the camera itself, effectively minimizing the need for additional cords and cables.


However, for situations when you don’t have a Sony camera at your disposal or prefer to record from an alternative device, the receiver offers versatility with both a 3.5mm port and a USB-C port, allowing you to connect it to smartphones, laptops, or desktops.

Furthermore, the microphone transmitters are equipped with a 3.5mm port, providing the option to expand the unit by incorporating a lavaliere microphone if the need arises.

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The 800lb Gorilla

Sony has long been a dominant force in the entertainment industry, spanning across cameras, audio equipment, and even the televisions on which you enjoy Sony Studios’ productions. The company boasts an extensive track record of excellence.

While other companies may have pushed the boundaries of design, Sony leverages its ecosystem to deliver a dependable audio system. The Sony ECM-W3, priced at $469, represents a reasonable investment, and there’s also a single-channel version available for $349.

Although we eagerly anticipate witnessing the unit in action, we’ve always held a high level of confidence in the quality of Sony’s products.

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