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Shoot High-Res, 8-Second Handheld Exposure With the Panasonic S5 II and S5 IIX

Panasonic has unveiled significant enhancements on the horizon for their S5 II and S5 IIX cameras through upcoming firmware updates.

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Panasonic has unveiled significant enhancements on the horizon for their S5 II and S5 IIX cameras through upcoming firmware updates.


I’ve mentioned this numerous times, but it’s worth emphasizing that we are currently in a remarkable era for digital photography and videography. The market is brimming with excellent choices from various reputable brands. If you’re just venturing into the world of photography and videography and seeking your first camera, you’re in for a wide array of options. There is no definitive right or wrong choice.

For instance, we initially praised the Panasonic S5 II upon its release, and it has proven to be an excellent option alongside its slightly superior counterpart, the S5 IIX. Although there have been some recent battery issues, Panasonic seems to be diligently addressing these concerns while also introducing substantial upgrades.

Now, let’s delve into the forthcoming firmware update 2.2 and its exciting new feature that promises to enhance handheld exposure capabilities.

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High Resolution Handheld Exposure

If you’re considering the Panasonic S5 II or S5 IIX cameras for their exceptional versatility in handling both photography and videography, which is arguably their most compelling feature, then this forthcoming addition is a significant enhancement.

When these cameras were initially introduced, they marked the debut of phase detection autofocus in Panasonic’s lineup of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. This sought-after feature substantially improved their performance by providing reliable autofocus for various photographic and videographic applications.

The upcoming firmware updates are set to elevate this capability even further. Notably, the introduction of the handheld exposure feature will enable both cameras to capture extended-exposure, high-resolution photographs with noise reduction applied, all while being held in hand for up to eight seconds.

Other New Features

In addition to the significant long exposure feature, both cameras are soon to introduce the capability to capture 96-megapixel high-resolution images directly in-camera. This has been a noted area where the S5 II and S5 IIX have lagged behind some of their competitors in the market, a point of interest for photography-focused content creators.

Furthermore, these firmware updates will bring a range of additional features to both cameras. Among them, the AF-Point Scope function will be included, allowing users to zoom in on the focus position during autofocus. This enhancement is poised to reinforce the S5 II and S5 IIX as top-tier options in terms of autofocus capabilities.

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How to Update

Though these firmware updates have been recently announced, there’s no official confirmation regarding whether they will address the reported battery drain issues. Given the extensive conversations about these issues on Panasonic message boards and within communities, it would be quite unexpected if they weren’t resolved either through this update or in the near future.

The firmware update 2.2 for the Panasonic S5 II and firmware update 1.3 for the Panasonic S5 IIX will be available for download on Panasonic’s Lumix Global Customer Support website starting from October 24, 2023.

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