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Posing Like A Pro: The Ultimate Posing Flow! Part 2

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Updated and Published:SEP 25, 2022

“Definitely a good match. I’m trying to set up my own home studio and this is the second class I’ve taken with her. Her friendly manner with a German accent and a sweet smile makes things clear.” I love her to explain, I’m learning a lot because it’s not easy to pose for couples, mothers, children or families, not a professional model  This course will give you the desired photo anyway” – Alexandra Grippa

Hi and Welcome to our course The Ultimate Posing Flow For Portrait Photographers!

This is Part 2 of our Posing Like a Pro series. Join our photo studio for a live session where you’ll put everything you learned in Part 1 into practice. Or, if you already have a little experience, join us here now.

BONUS: Contains a PDF sheet of about 1500 poses that you can download and take with you to your shoot! Also subtitles available!

Our photography studio conducts over 50 photography workshops and specializes in creating conceptual photography. Also, knowing how to pose a model or client is critical to a successful shoot. Most of my students were proficient in photography techniques and new technologies, but were stuck when they had to pose for models.

One of the most important skills you must have as a portrait photographer is posing your subject. Give your model or client a natural feel and make photo girlfriend sessions run smoothly.

After completing this course, you will learn how to pose your clients and models for the most compelling image. If you’ve seen my Posing Like a Pro tutorial, or if you’ve already learned the basics of posing for portrait photography, this course will take you into the studio and put it all together with a real shoot. We’ll take these lessons further by reviewing how to create one. Create a “flow of posing“.

Posing Like A Pro: The Ultimate Posing Flow! Part 2 – THE GFX

To give you hands-on experience, I’ll show you how I work with models that have never been in front of a camera. There is no rehearsal for the shoot, except that I instructed my model Rebecca to come up with different outfits. This means you can see realistic posing issues and questions your clients and models might have and how you communicate to get them to strike the right pose.

Posing Like A Pro: The Ultimate Posing Flow! Part 2 – THE GFX

The entire tutorial is filmed from my point of view so you can see everything almost exactly as if you were behind the camera instead of just jumping on the wall! are overlaid so you can see the results immediately. There is no post-production on them – they are ‘SOOC’ – they come straight out of the camera, but are ACR cropped. This is because it looks best when the tone is warm or cold, depending on the style of the photo.

Posing Like A Pro: The Ultimate Posing Flow! Part 2 – THE GFX

In this course you will learn:

  • How to pose models and clients – females, males, and couples.
  • Standing vs sitting poses, and tips for slimming bigger clients
  • How to quickly create different styles to offer more variety and enhanced sales: from headshots, beauty, dreamy, fashion, edgy, and more.
  • Getting creative with concepts such as my trademark ‘lying on the floor’ setup
  • How to modify your communication style for experienced models vs regular clients
  • How to create an amazing experience and have fun while still getting the shot
Posing Like A Pro: The Ultimate Posing Flow! Part 2 - THE GFX
Posing Like A Pro: The Ultimate Posing Flow! Part 2 – THE GFX

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