introducing the zoom r4 multitrak

Never Clip Your Audio Again With the ZoomR4 MultiTrak

Exploring the application of the newly introduced 32-bit floating-point recorder in film and video endeavors.

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Exploring the application of the newly introduced 32-bit floating-point recorder in film and video endeavors.

In the realm of video production, extensive debates often revolve around the choice of cameras, lighting equipment, and lenses. Filmmakers tend to have their preferred tools for various projects and requirements. However, when it comes to audio in video production, many videographers tend to rely on the same equipment for every job.

This tendency, while not universal, is fairly common and may not always be the most advisable approach. The film and video industry often underestimates the significance of audio, and this could be attributed to the fact that newer audio recording devices are increasingly versatile and of higher quality than ever before.

One of the most recent audio recorders to enter the market is the Zoom R4 MultiTrak 32-bit float recorder. Let’s delve into this new offering and examine how it could potentially serve as the ideal, all-encompassing audio recorder for your needs, whether they are specific to a particular project or more general.

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Introducing the Zoom R4, primarily designed for musicians and professional audio recordists. While most Zoom audio products are intended for this demographic, the new Zoom R4 can still fulfill the audio requirements of video production. The Zoom R4 incorporates a workflow reminiscent of a traditional portable 4-track recorder but with all the modern digital tools and features one would expect.

Key features of the Zoom R4 include two XLR/TRS combo inputs, a built-in microphone, volume faders, a 2″ color LCD screen, and a stereo 3.5mm output for real-time audio monitoring on set. Audio is recorded onto microSD cards, with support for cards of up to 1 TB in capacity. Additionally, it can be easily mounted on a tripod or camera rig thanks to its built-in 1/4″-20 thread.

The device itself is relatively compact, measuring 74 x 138 x 36mm and weighing just 287 grams with batteries. Speaking of power, the Zoom R4 operates on four AA batteries, although it can also be powered via the USB-C port located on the side of the unit.

A Remarkable 32-Bit Floating-Point Recorder The standout feature of the new Zoom R4 is undoubtedly its 32-bit float recording capability. With 32-bit float recording, concerns about audio signal clipping on set or in the field become a thing of the past. The R4 excels at capturing flawless audio in every take, eliminating the need for gain adjustments.

Zoom has consistently integrated this technology into its latest Mictrack audio recorder lineup, and it’s likely to become a standard feature for all audio recording needs, whether for music or video production.

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In addition to its distortion-free recording, the R4 MultiTrak also incorporates a range of built-in effects. While primarily designed for musicians, these effects can prove valuable in specific audio-for-video recording scenarios, allowing you to fine-tune your EQ, introduce reverb, or apply compression as needed.

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Price and Availability The Zoom R4 MultiTrak may not represent a complete revolution in audio recording, but it does mark a significant advancement for those seeking a versatile audio recording solution that caters to the majority of their video production requirements.

Here is the comprehensive list of specifications and purchase options:

For Musicians, Songwriters, Performers

  • 2 XLR/Combo Inputs & Built-In Microphone
  • 4-Tracks + Dedicated Bounce Track
  • Unlimited Stereo Bounces with Last Undo
  • 48 kHz / 32-Bit Float Record
  • 4 Faders, Color Screen with Metering
  • Built-In Effects
  • Built-In Loops and Rhythms
  • USB Audio Interface
  • Portable, Battery-Powered

For information regarding the price and availability of the Zoom R4 MultiTrak, please refer to authorized retailers and the Zoom official website.

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