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MT.Mograph Link V1.5 (Aescripts)

The newest member of the Mt. Mograph toolbox is now available! I’ve been sitting on this tool since January and am pumped for the release. Link’s initial build wasn’t what I wanted – so I put it on hold. I’ve finally revisited the code and made tons of tweaks to bring you Link v1.5!

Link is a brand new tool that makes controlling almost any layer property a snap. Link allows you to “link” an endless number of properties to a single set of keyframes. A simple UI with tons of functionality. Duplicate, Link, Select and Control! Make sure to use the Hot Links for a hyper driven workflow!

Link Any Property
Keyframe management isn’t fun. Projects explode from 10 keyframes to 1000’s in just a couple of clicks. Going back to make revisions becomes a hassle and time sink. Link gives you a simple UI to Link, Delay, Offset and Control any Layer property. You can also Cycle your Links through an infinite Color Palette for some killer animations!

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Additionally, the update introduces the Color Rig, Vignette, Sort and Pin+ tools. Easily accessible in the updated interface when you need them.

Relative Linking
Using Link in your workflow won’t limit anything you do. The code and Links are created relatively – so your changes don’t have to be absolute! Change your Temporal data (timing, delay) and Spatial (position, rotation etc.) without breaking a sweat.

If you still want added control or more animation – add secondary animations or keyframes to your Linked layers. Simple as that, Link is here to work for you.

[Mar 15, 2015] Checked code many many times and couldn’t find single error on creation. Link v1.5 user John H. discovered an issue with Windows 8 default permissions and installs and offered the following solution. All credit for finding goes to John H (a true rockstar):

  1. Uudging from the source of the problem your customers are experiencing are probably all PC users and not Mac. Here is a screenshot of where they need to get to HERE (or download file directly HERE)
  2. Copy the existing PresetEffects.xml (Windows(your version) > Program Files > Adobe > Adobe After Effects (your version) > Support Files > PresetEffects.xml) to your desktop.
  3. Check mark every permission (as seen in the above links) under every user or group (to be on the safe side) and hit “OK” and “Apply”
  4. If the file disappears, drag your copied file back from the desktop and you should be able to install Link v1.5 properly.
  5. Per John H. – “The problem isn’t your code, the problem is Windows 8 (at least) has automatic security settings for XML type files that doesn’t include Write or Modify permissions.”

System requirements
Link v1.5 has been tested in After Effects CS5 – CC (2014) and works on all systems. Older versions are not recommended – but may support Link.

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