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Gumroad – Ty Carter Session 41: Cinematic Storytelling

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Gumroad – Ty Carter Session 41: Cinematic Storytelling

Session 41, Cinematic Storytelling: Designing Light and Color Part III: “Key Grip: Foundational Lighting You Can Count On” is a two video session in which we’ll explore characters, environments, and world design. The theme focuses on cinematic techniques applied to art, illustration and games. I’ll discuss style coherency as well as art direction techniques to elicit emotional responses to your work based on design decisions.

*THREE of an Eight Part Series

Here is everything you get!!

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-Two Structured HD Video Tutorials with commentary, annotations, and detailed process demonstration:

1) Key Grip Lecture: (22 min.)

2) Demonstrations (41 min)

-Explanations and demonstrations on stylization process, color application, and step by step instruction on cinematic storytelling.

3) Process Video Timelapse (3 MOVs)

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4) Full Res Images (4 JPGs)

5) Raw PSD Files, including all layers!!! (6 PSD Files)

6) Assignments for Practice

7) BrushPack 3.0: Some of my favorites plus some bonus brushes

8) Texture Brush Set: Some of my favorite Material brushes

9) Recommended Book List PDF

You’ll learn:

-to pick colors effectively

-to up your images production value

-to layout a scene with staging elements

-to connect with viewers through emotion and beauty

-to create iconic imagery

-to paint faster

-to economize your layers

-to stylize designs in color and light

-to break down good and bad design

-to balance design using the rules, principles and elements of design

-to embrace lighting as a design element

-to create a story moment

-to paint characters within a scene

-to build up a focal point

-to light a scene using an off screen light source

-to create rhythm/balance within your work

-to build a composition from line, shapes, patterns and temperatures

-to conceptualize ideas for an executive or director

-to compose a final “moment” with color and light

-to render complex shapes

-to retain vivid colors from rough to finish

-to add final touches using modes and PS adjustment layers

-to provide the best option for presentation

-to commit to an idea and carry it through

-to facilitate coherent technique throughout a piece


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