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Deadpool 3 Will Not Rely on Green Screen According to its Director

In reality, the ‘merc with the mouth’ and Wolverine will excel in combat.

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In reality, the ‘merc with the mouth’ and Wolverine will excel in combat.


Shawn Levy is among the most accomplished filmmakers in the industry today. His career has been marked by a diverse range of films, beginning with his breakthrough in the Night at the Museum franchise and now venturing into the third installment of the Deadpool series.

However, when it comes to exploring the superhero genre, Levy has chosen to prioritize authenticity in storytelling. He’s made a deliberate choice to shoot scenes in real-world locations rather than relying solely on green screens, despite the associated challenges and costs.

In an interview with Total Film magazine, Levy expressed his disappointment over leaked photos from the production, acknowledging that it’s the price they pay for their commitment to genuine settings. He emphasized the significance of Deadpool and Wolverine as iconic Marvel characters, particularly from the era when they were under Fox’s stewardship. Levy and his team aren’t trying to erase this legacy; instead, they recognize how it has contributed to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) we know today.

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These characters originally rose to fame in a time when practical effects played a central role in filmmaking. While the industry has largely transitioned to studio stages and digital enhancements, Levy believes that honoring this legacy matters. He explained that Fox has played a pivotal role in shaping the careers of actors like Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, as well as his own career. The rich Marvel history associated with Fox is an integral part of their storytelling.

Levy firmly committed to a production approach that avoids the typical Marvel movie formula of green screen stages and digital set extensions. His decision to capture the essence of these characters in real-world settings has generated excitement and anticipation for the movie.

It’s worth noting that the production of the third Deadpool movie has been temporarily halted due to summer strikes but will resume once they conclude. This unique approach to filmmaking is something other directors may find inspiring and worth emulating.

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