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Complete Guide: Create Your Custom At Home Filming Setup

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Updated and Published:Sep 03, 2022

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Build A Budget Friendly Filmmaking Studio Using Professional Cinematography, Video Production & Videography Techniques

Do you want to have your own amazing looking and sounding filming space at home?

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Are you wanting to make more professionalunique, memorable, engaging, and impressive videos?

Perfect! You’ve made it to the right video production course!

By the end of this course, you’ll create your upgraded video creating setup using these main steps:

1. Gather Inspiration, Plan & Create Your Concept 

To begin, we first find inspiration by discovering unique filming spaces from other successful video creators. After identifying what it is about these spaces that inspires you, we create a one-of-a-kind studio concept that fits the videos you create and matches your personality!

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•    Develop in-depth understanding of the most effective studio creation process

•    Bring together and synthesis your top 3 filming space inspirations

•    Choose the ideal room in your house to renovate into your filming space

•    Strategize and develop an awesome concept that suites your ideal setup

•    Creatively combine your inspiration with the location that you’re working with

2. Choose + Maximize Your Audio & Videography Gear 

Whatever your budget is and whatever amount of money you’re working with, I’ve got you covered! In this chapter, I walk you through the in’s and out’s of the best lighting, cameras, and audio recording equipment.

•   Learn the difference between the most popular gear and how to choose the right equipment for you

•   Understand the type of video camera and lenses that suits your specific needs

•   Discover which microphone type and brand is perfect for your setup

•   Get the most cinematic lighting setup that fits your aesthetic style and price point

•   Upgrade the props, backdrop, practical & design items in your space

3. Build Your Filming Space & Setup Your Equipment 

Now that you have all of your gear and filming space ready to go, here’s where we start to build your new studio! These hands-on lessons will give you the exact step by step process to DIY your stunning film setup anywhere at your house.

•   Film initial test shots, dial in your framing, and create great looking composition

•   Properly compose your primary and secondary set design items in your frame

•   Paint and style your space in a unique way that catches your viewers eye

•   Get that “cinematic look” using the most effective videography and lighting techniques

•   Use professional filmmaking tips to improve the sound quality and dynamics of your space

4. Upgrade Your Lighting, Cinematography & Camera Settings 

You’ve worked alongside me to massively upgrade and improve your filming space. Now it’s time to fully incorporate the upgraded videography techniques that all the pro’s on professional filmmaking sets use.

•   Get the most dynamic exposure using lighting intensity and proper camera settings

•   Learn how to get the most out of your camera’s settings and sensor without pushing it to far

•   Dial in the perfect aperture, focal length, and visual fine tuning for your set’s aesthetic

•   Effectively use advanced composition and lighting techniques like a pro videographer

•   Bonus techniques to add that extra special sauce to your unique filming space

5. Course Bonuses and Progressing Beyond These Lessons 

You’ve made it! We worked together to build your custom filming space and then in this last step, we combine the whole process into your very own amazing looking and sounding final product. Now it’s time for you to start shooting the videos that you love!

•  Synthesize, recap, and review all of the most important information learned in the course

•  Integrate the tools and know how to continue to improve after graduating this course

•  Accept my creative challenge to start your new series or project

•  Special student bonuses for completing the course

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