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Adobe After Effects 2022: The comprehensive A-Z course

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Become an After Effects professional with fascinating project examples! Includes video material and handout.

What you’ll learn
You’ll learn and understand the After Effects user interface and features.
You’ll discover the endless possibilities of Adobe After Effects through a variety of project examples in a way that makes the knowledge stick with you.
Among other things, you’ll animate the beat of a song in a video and realistically recreate a car accident including shattered glass and dented hood.
You’ll learn to animate text, use keyframes for your projects, and even code in After Effects with Expressions.
You’ll discover many more effects and possibilities like keying, camera tracking, particle systems, fog, masks and overlay.
You’ll learn to create images like YouTube thumbnails in After Effects as we develop the main course image and a Bitcoin t-shirt design together.
You’ll highlight different import formats and render settings to get the most out of your projects depending on what you’re willing to do.
You’ll receive a handout with the most important keyboard shortcuts and useful expressions for quick and lasting use.
You’ll have access to professional video footage for your own collaboration, which I have recorded by drone, among other things, especially for this course.
You’ll learn about useful plug-ins and extras to take your video edits to the next level.

You should have a relatively powerful PC or laptop with Internet access.
You should be aware that this course will give you all the tools and knowledge to get excited about the incredible possibilities of Adobe After Effects. To ensure that the knowledge gained from the theory is permanently stored in your memory, it is recommended that you use the material provided and take part in the projects!
Are you interested in video editing, visual effects, and motion graphics? Then there’s no getting around Adobe After Effects!

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This much in advance: This program is so incredibly powerful that it’s impossible to cover every angle explicitly. So why am I still confidently calling this course a comprehensive A-Z Course? I am convinced that I will provide you with so much knowledge, tools and understanding of effects and contexts that you will be able to master your individual challenges of all kinds in a solution-oriented way.

Of course, the content of this course deals with all theory, so you will be able to find your way around the user interface and the inexhaustible variety of parameters and possibilities. Apart from that, to put it bluntly, we’ll go through impressively spectacular project examples that will encourage you to get involved and hopefully get you as excited about After Effects as I have been myself for more than 15 years.

Among other things, we will look at the basic functions, effects, import and export settings. You will learn about keyframes, text animations and expressions. You’ll simulate your own car accident, we’ll extract music data so you can animate your videos to music, you’ll integrate text into real landscapes, remove objects from filmed scenes, create a 3D cell phone model without additional plug-ins and much, much more.

For you there is not only a handout with the most important shortcuts and expressions, but also downloadable video material, which I have recorded by drone and GoPro especially for this course.

If you are passionate about video creation and want to learn and understand the best program on the global market, Adobe After Effects, then this course might be for you. If you are willing to apply your knowledge to projects through fascinating, action-packed examples in a way that will stick with you, then this course is definitely for you!

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Enroll today – I am confident that I can repay your trust in me with content and look forward to sharing my enthusiasm for AE with you!

…Independently of this, I am always available for questions, comprehension problems or suggestions in the comment section or via private message.

Who this course is for
After Effects newcomers who want to build comprehensive knowledge and understanding in a complete course.
After Effects advanced users who want to learn even more about techniques, effects and develop deeper knowledge.

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