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Creating Green Screen Instructional Videos With Final Cut (Updated)

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Updated and Published:August 28, 2022

Learn everything you need to know to start making engaging green screen instructional videos & courses that embed YOU into your lessons to give your students a more intimate and personalized impression. This course begins by covering all necessary equipment such as choice of computer, camera/smartphone, lighting, microphones & audio interface. It then shows how all this equipment is used to record an actual sample lesson. Finally, I show how to import your captured media files (video/audio) into Final Cut Pro, apply effects such as keying out the green screen and edit them into a finished video that can then be exported into a file to upload wherever you like. Save yourself immense time and headache with one course to cover everything you need to get started.

You should take this class if you’re looking for one comprehensive course that can give you everything you need to get started all in one place. No more hunting around for short lessons here or there across the Internet, hoping to be able to piece it all together on your own. This one course pieces it all together for you.

This class is for people new to capturing and editing video who want to learn how to make engaging tutorial-style lessons that use computer screen presentations (think – teaching software or using slides) and are interested in embedding themselves into their videos seamlessly.

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To follow along with this course, you’ll need to have the following equipment (all equipment is discussed in detail within the course):

  • Apple Mac computer – This course will teach you what kind of Mac to consider for your needs.
  • Some type of camera to record yourself. This can be as simple as a smartphone or a dedicated DSLR/Mirrorless camera according to budget and preference. (Could use a webcam but not recommended)
  • For best audio (very important) – I strongly recommend a condenser microphone and audio interface.
  • Green screen
  • Strong lighting

In this course, I show how to record a simple lesson teaching how to use the Apple Numbers spreadsheet program for an example. For your own project, you could do the same or choose any other topic (teach MS Word, Pages, finance using Excel, anything). The project topic does not matter. What matters is to practice recording yourself and your screen, importing the recorded files into Final Cut and learning to edit them seamlessly into a finished video or course.

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